Is the 'Generality Factor' limiting your business?


There’s a certain rule in marketing that should not be overlooked.

You’ve no doubt heard it before (most people have), but few businesses actually embrace it.

What I’m talking about is what I refer to as the ‘Generality Factor.’
You know—the attempt to keep your business offerings so broad in the hope that you appeal to everyone, and don’t turn anyone away….because you’ll get more clientele that way, right? WRONG! Being general just makes your marketing wishy-washy at best; and as a result, you end up appealing to no-one. 

When you try to be everything to everyone, you accomplish being nothing to anyone.
— Bonnie Gillespie

Here’s the thing: you simply can’t be everything to everyone; no matter how hard you try. 

Think of your own life for example…
There are certain foods you love, and ones you avoid; there are certain hobbies you enjoy, and others you’d never entertain; and there are certain places you’d like to visit, and others that don’t make your bucket list. 

That’s normal. It’s human. And so are your clientele.


You cannot expect everyone to want what you have to offer. And, by attempting to appeal to everyone, your brand and message become diluted, and your ideal clientele don’t know that you’ve got something perfect for THEM.

It’s time to ditch the ‘Generality Factor,’ and I know that takes trust.

Yes—narrowing your target market does reduce the number of people likely to buy from you, but it will actually increase the number of people who do buy from you.

So, instead, of trying to play it safe and keeping everything broad and general, take the time to get to know who your real, die-hard clientele are—the ones who follow your every move, anticipate your next email, are waiting for your next product release, and talk you up to all of their friends—and then niche down and focus only on them.

Get started now by reviewing your branding and messaging, and ask yourself these questions: 

Does this address my ideal clientele niche specifically? Will they immediately know this is for them?
Can I delete content that’s too general? (I bet you can!)
Can I add content to better connect with my ideal clientele? 

Take this bold move in the direction of your niche, and let people start to know you as a specialist. It makes all the difference, you’ll see.