If you seek high-end clientele, you need to know this...


This may come as a surprise, as I’m not hearing this being taught anywhere, but: If you seek to attract high-end clientele to your business, you cannot market your business the way everyone else is.

The masses are marketing to the masses (the 95% of the population.)
If you’re targeting high-end clientele, then you’re going after the top 5%.

High-end clientele are different. They are the opposite of the conventional consumer, and they expect the best.

While 95% of consumers are searching for the hottest deal, the cheapest shipping, the latest coupon, the most reviews, etc, the top 5% are quietly observing the marketplace for quality products and services that stand out from the crowd because of their excellence, not their loudness.

High-end clientele are not allured by sales gimmicks, mass-market response, and price (in fact, lower prices can often be off-putting for the top 5%); instead they seek a priceless experience—and they are willing to pay top-dollar for it.


In Ryan Holiday’s brilliant book, The Perennial Seller, he talks about the need to spend more time making your product or service great, than the time you actually spend marketing it.

“The work is what matters… The better your product is, the less time you’ll need to spend marketing it.” - Ryan Holiday

This is the opposite of what most marketers are teaching today. And they’re not wrong in their preaching of the quantity-based tactics and conversion formulas, if your intent is to sell to the mass market. But, if your target is the top 5%, then you must market differently.

If high-end clientele are what you’re after, then quality trumps quantity. Every. Day. Of. The. Week. And when quality is what you’re after, what the majority of marketers are teaching, simply isn’t going to work. You can’t “wing it,” “throw something out there and see what sticks,” follow sales funnel formulas, and other flashy, mass-market lead generation tactics like the ones that flood your Facebook feed, and expect high-end clientele to listen. As a business that caters to high-end clientele, your job is unique.

For you, it’s about the long game. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


“Nothing that lasts is accomplished quickly.” - Rachel Hollis

You get to focus on quality, and create exceptional products and services that will stand the test of time. It’s that caliber of product and service that captures the attention of the type of clientele who value quality.

And, it’s worth it…

It’s those clientele who are loyal.
It’s those clientele who eagerly await your next release.
It’s those clientele who happily pay you your worth.
And, it’s those clientele who makes doing what you do fulfilling.

So…if you seek high-end clientele, focus on quality first—put in the time—and commit to being one of the 5%. Make your work brilliant, and let it speak for itself.

I know you’re meant for the best,