Curated Copywriting for Luxury Brands

by The Copy Connoisseur


There's nothing average about what you offer, and your copywriting should reflect that. 


your product or service is high-END but where are all the high-end clientele?

If I could have a nickel for every time I hear that question!

And here's the secret - copywriting matters.
In order to attract and resonate with high-end clientele, you have to eloquently express the value of your offerings, AND communicate in a way that makes luxury consumers feel understood.

Having spent over a decade working alongside luxury resorts, spas, fine dining establishments, global brands and high-end entrepreneurs, I know how frustrating it can be to put such hard work into create a luxury experience, and having no clientele to show for it. The fabulous news is - it's almost always an easy fix.


What if your copy practically sold itself?


I'd be the first to tell you that visual branding is essential. Imagery and color palettes set the tone for your brand and pique interest. But copywriting is what connects your audience to your brand and your offerings.
It's copywriting that ultimately creates the sale.

Camilla Carboni 1.jpg

What if your copywriting positioned you as a leading luxury brand?
What if you could attract and resonate with high-end clientele?
What if you had a cohesive brand voice that expressed your excellence?
What if your copywriting aligned with and reinforced your imagery?
What if your copywriting could help you get fully booked, fast?


Most businesses will invest in a website developer, a graphic designer and a photographer with little to no hesitation, but for some reason when it comes to copywriting, most people try to quickly piece something together on their own, and then wonder why their ideal high-end clients aren't noticing them, connecting with them, or purchasing from them. Once they realize the power of curated copywriting, everything changes.

WHY? Because copy should be strategic - it should advocate for your brand, clearly express your offerings, and communicate with your ideal clientele in a way that ensures they feel understood, at ease, and enticed to buy.

I know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to try and figure out the art of effective copywriting on your own - and, you shouldn't have too - you should be free to focus on your business and your clientele. I'm here to curate copy that converts.


If you're seeking curated copywriting that attracts high-end clientele, you're in the right place!


Hi, I'm Camilla Carboni and my clients call me The Copy Connoisseur(TM).

My writing obsession began early on (in fact I remember being selected to submit a short story for a children's collective back when I was in junior high), and quickly became my greatest passion.

I went on to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and English, a Master's Degree in Media Reception Psychology and English, and obtain additional Certifications in Business Writing and Content Strategy. And then I wrote, and wrote...

Camilla Carboni, The Copy Connoisseur

Over the past decade I have written copy for some of the world's most prestigious brands; from luxury hotels and resorts, to destination spas, fine dining establishments, global communications conglomerates and Fortune 500 and 100 companies. I'm no stranger to writing copy that converts, and I specialize in curated copy for luxury brands seeking to attract high-end clientele.




I believe in the power of words. I've witnessed firsthand how curated copywriting has changed the face of businesses (and I'm talking BIG NUMBERS here - I've helped businesses generate 1000s of sales per day and millions of dollars in annual revenue) and I don't mention this to brag, just to emphasize the importance of effective copy. 


Copywriting should not be an afterthought, or a mere filler - it should be part of your overarching business strategy. 


Finding a copywriter who loves to write is easy, but finding copywriter who loves to write and has an advanced education and over a decade of experience writing curated copy for renown luxury brands isn't. And yet, here you are - YOU FOUND ME!




Ready for powerful, curated copy? Start here.











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How long does the copywriting process take?


Do you charge by word, page or package?

Neither! I ???

What can I expect the copywriting investment to be?


Do you offer a payment plan?

Of course! I believe in making things as easy as possible, and I believe in fair business, which is why I require 50% upfront and 50% upon delivery of the complete copywriting files.

What level of service can I expect?

5 star. I go above and beyond for my clients and aim to always exceed expectations, which is why I work with a limited number of clients at a time and ensure each of my clients receives the attention and level of service they can expect from a luxury brand.