There's nothing average about what you offer, and your copywriting should reflect that. 


your product or service is high-END, but where are all the high-end clientele?

If I could have a dime for every time I hear that question!

And here's the secret—copywriting matters.
In order to attract and resonate with high-end clientele, you have to eloquently express the value of your offerings, AND communicate in a way that ensures luxury consumers feel understood.

I know how frustrating it is to put such passion and hard work into creating a luxury experience, and having no clientele to show for it. The good news is—it doesn’t have to be that way and, if that’s where you’re at, don’t despair—I’m here to help.

Over the past 12 years I’ve worked alongside luxury resorts, spas, fine dining establishments, global brands, and high-end entrepreneurs, to help them attract the caliber of clientele they seek. Together, we can do the same for you.


What if your copy practically sold itself?


I'd be the first to tell you that visual branding is essential—imagery and color palettes set the tone for your brand, and pique interest—but copywriting is what connects your audience to your brand, and your offerings. It's copywriting that ultimately creates the sale.

Luxury Branding

What if your copywriting positioned you as a leading luxury brand?

What if you could attract, and resonate with, high-end clientele?

What if you had a cohesive brand voice that expressed your excellence?

What if your copywriting aligned with, and reinforced, your brand visuals?

What if your copywriting could help you get fully booked—fast?


Most businesses will invest in a website developer, a graphic designer, and a photographer with little to no hesitation, but for some reason when it comes to copywriting, most people spend hours piecing something together on their own, and then wonder why their ideal high-end clientele aren't noticing them, connecting with them, or purchasing from them. Once you realize the power of curated copywriting, everything changes.

WHY? Because copy should be strategic—it should advocate for your brand, clearly express your offerings, and communicate with your ideal clientele in a way that ensures they feel understood, at ease, and enticed to buy.

I know how frustrating, and time consuming, it can be to try and figure out the art of effective copywriting on your own (and, you shouldn't have to.) You should be free to focus on your business, and your clientele; I'm here to curate copy that converts, for you.


If you're seeking curated copywriting that attracts high-end clientele, you're in the right place!


Hi, I'm Camilla Carboni, and my clients call me The Copy Curator™.

My writing obsession began early on (in fact I remember being selected to submit a short story for a children's collective back when I was in junior high), and quickly became my greatest passion.

I went on to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, and English, a Master's Degree in Media Reception Psychology, and English, and obtain additional Certifications in Business Writing, and Content Strategy. And then I wrote, and wrote, and wrote...

Camilla Carboni, The Copy Connoisseur

Over the past decade I have written copy for some of the world's most prestigious brands; from luxury hotels and resorts, to destination spas, fine dining establishments, global communications conglomerates, and Fortune 100 and 500 companies. I'm no stranger to writing copy that converts, and I specialize in curated copywriting for luxury brands seeking to attract high-end clientele.


I believe in the power of words. And, I've witnessed firsthand how curated copywriting can changed the trajectory of a business. I'm talking Big Numbers here—I've helped businesses generate 1000s of sales per day and millions of dollars in annual revenue—and I don't mention this to brag (that’s so not my style), just to emphasize the importance of effective copywriting. 


Copywriting shouldn’t be an afterthought, or a mere filler—it should be part of your overarching business strategy. 


Finding a copywriter who loves to write is easy, but finding a copywriter who loves to write and has an advanced communications education, and over a decade of experience writing strategic, SEO, curated copy for world-renown luxury brands, isn't. And yet—here you are—you found me!


“Camilla is truly an expert in her field. Her copyrighting skills are phenomenal and I am in awe of all the work she does. If you are looking to get clear on your marketing, messaging and copywriting, I would highly recommend Camilla, she knows her stuff.”

Livia Jenvey, Business Coach & Professional Speaker


Ready for powerful, curated copy? Start here.

The luxury market expects a bespoke experience, which is why I offer custom copywriting services specific to your business needs. Whether you seek À La Carte Copywriting Services for your website, sales page, brochure, or email sequence, and/or Monthly Retainer Copywriting Services for your ongoing business needs, together we can customize a package that works for you.

To get started, schedule your complimentary Copywriting Consultation by clicking the button below:


Details and Pricing


À la carte COPYwriting services

  • SEO Website Copywriting

  • Sales Brochure Copywriting

  • Sales Page, and Sales Funnel Copywriting

  • Email Sequence Copywriting

À La Carte Copywriting Services are ideal for projects on an as-needed basis. All rates are determined by your specific business needs.

retainer copywriting services

Ongoing copywriting support for your specific business needs. This is ideal if you have predictable copywriting needs, such as weekly newsletter emails, sales emails, sales funnels, and social media marketing content.

Retainer Packages are designed to cater to your monthly custom copywriting needs, and start at $1500 per month.


How the copywriting process works:

  1. Start by Clicking Here to schedule your complimentary Copywriting Consultation.

  2. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your specific copywriting needs, and determine the package, and timeline, that best accommodate your business.

  3. You’ll receive a custom quote, and invest in your copywriting package.

  4. I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to enable me to gain thorough insight into your ideal clientele, brand voice, and business objectives.

  5. We’ll schedule a review call to discuss your completed questionnaire, and I’ll then begin curating your copywriting.

  6. You’ll have direct email access to me throughout the duration of your package, and we’ll stay in close communication to ensure the end product exceeds your expectations.

  7. I’ll provide a completed copywriting draft, and you’ll have time to review it, and request any changes, as needed. 

  8. I’ll provide you with your final copywriting documents before our agreed upon deadline. You’ll have full rights to these copywriting files for life.

  9. You’ll be set up for success with curated copywriting that attracts, and resonates with, your ideal clientele, and frees you to be the visionary for your business.

To get started, schedule your complimentary Copywriting Consultation by clicking the button below:


How long does the copywriting process take? +

Each copywriting project varies in duration depending on each client's specific needs. Before we begin, we'll discuss your objectives, and timelines, and create a schedule that works for you.

To provide a general guideline, website copywriting packages typically range from 3-6 weeks, brochure copywriting from 2-4 weeks, sales page and sales funnel copywriting from 2-4 weeks, and email sequence copywriting from 2-3 weeks.

Please contact me to discuss your specific timeline request.

Do you charge by word, page, or set package? +

Neither, and I'm so glad you asked! I'm all about quality over quantity, so I'd never limit myself to a specific word count, or charge by word count, and I'm a firm believer that there is no one-size-fits-all in the luxury market, so there is no standard rate per page or set package. Instead, I listen to your unique business needs, and objectives, and work with you to design a custom package for your business.

What can I expect the copywriting investment to be? +

I'm committed to delivering quality copywriting services at an affordable rate. The copywriting investment is determined by your specific business needs. To view a general guideline of my copywriting services investment, please Click Here to view my Details and Pricing Brochure.

Do you offer a payment plan? +

Of course! I believe in fair business, which is why for all projects over $1250 I require 50% upfront and 50% upon delivery of the completed copywriting files.

What level of service can I expect? +

5 Star. I go above and beyond for my clients, and aim to always exceed expectations, which is why I work with a very limited number of clients at a time to ensure that each of my clients receive the attention, and level of service, you can expect from a luxury brand.


“Camilla has a unique ability and endless passion for turning written content into a powerful communication vehicle for building a meaningful and engaging connection with the reader. If you are looking for an outstanding, professional and trusted copywriter, working with Camilla is your best choice!"