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It's time for your business to bloom!

There's a reason you're not attracting clients and making sales, AND...
it's typically an easy fix. That's what I'm here to help you with.

Sign up for a Marketing Intensive or 5 Week Marketing Makeover this Spring and say goodbye to your client drought and hello to a blooming business.

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A client drought and sales scarcity are typically due to one (or a combo) of these things:

  • Your marketing isn't resonating with your ideal clients.
  • Your offerings aren't clear or perceived as valuable.
  • You're missing key sales messaging.
  • You're under or over pricing.
  • You haven't mastered your "elevator pitch."
  • The fear of visibility is holding you back.
  • You're not set up to nurture leads.
  • You're a one-woman show and your lead generation isn't automated.

If you're serious about getting your business off the ground this year, snag this Spring Special while it lasts and let's makeover your marketing so clients and $$$ come easily.


  • 90 Minute Coaching Intensive
  • Camilla's eyes on your marketing
  • Analysis of your current marketing and marketing ideas
  • Step-by-step support on exactly what needs to be tweaked in order for you to attract your ideal clients and start selling with ease


  • 5 x 60 Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Camilla's eyes on your marketing
  • Detailed analysis of your current marketing and marketing ideas + complete website review with a Google Doc of change suggestions
  • Step-by-step marketing support for 5 weeks, as you refine your marketing to attract your ideal clients, generate leads and start selling with ease
  • BONUS: 60 Minute Marketing Intensive Session - limited to the first 5 women!

Select the option that's best for you, but hurry - there are a VERY limited number of spots available at these Spring Sale prices!

Unsure whether to select the Marketing Intensive or the 5 Week Marketing Makeover? Let's chat about it!