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"When I was just launching my online coaching business I needed some extra support to take it to the next level. Camilla was amazing to work with. So supportive and encouraging with great practical tips and advice to help me out in the areas I was still struggling with. She really helped me get super specific on my goals then break them down into action steps to help me reach them while holding me accountable along the way! When I was feeling overwhelmed, Camilla helped to simplify the process while making me feel more relaxed and confident with everything I needed to do and helped me achieve what I set out to do. She is such a warm caring person and it's obvious she really meets her clients where they are at and wants them to succeed. It was an absolute pleasure working with her."

GILLIAN KENNEDY | Health, Lifestyle Transformational Coach | Barcelona, Spain

Gillian Kennedy

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“My work with Camilla was a total game-changer! Her powerful approach to coaching will help you push past any mindset and business blocks. Before working with Camilla I was overwhelmed with everything I had to do in my business. I didn’t know where to start and wasn’t taking any action. Working with Camilla gave me the clarity to create a doable action plan. She got right to the heart of what was holding me back, and helped me to see the best approach to actually moving forward. After just one session with Camilla, I have been more productive in my business than I ever have been! I feel like I can show up authentically and relaxed in my own business, and I have way less stress than before! If you get a chance to work with Camilla, be prepared for big results!”

SARAH BYRD | Mindfulness & Spirituality Coach | Boulder, Colorado

"Camilla is a skilled business coach who is able to lead you through a business launch plan that is timely, effective and detailed. Camilla is able to share the information and inspiration you need to set yourself apart through marketing, branding and social media platforms. Her business systems training will allow you to eliminate business overwhelm and her knowledge in life coaching will help you create healthy business boundaries to ensure a successful and balanced entrepreneurial lifestyle."

MEAGAN SHAW | Certified Fitness Trainer, Business Start-up Coach | Canada

"Camilla is an incredibly skilled coach who genuinely cares about helping her clients get to their next level of success. Not only is she incredibly humble about her own success but she meets you where you’re at and gives you both practical and profound insight to help you reach your goals. Thank you Camilla for helping me bring more of who I am to my business and for showing me how to do it in a tangible way."

SAMARA EIDELMAN | Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs | South Africa

"As a skillful coach, Camilla knew just the right questions to ask to help me uncover the next steps for me, but also made me feel like I was in good hands the whole way there! Her extensive and well rounded background of marketing and business acumen ensured that I came away from our time together with greater clarity in my vision and the practical steps to take to achieve that!"

SUSANNA ESTHER | Transformational Freedom Coach | Minneapolis, U.S.A.

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"Camilla is a superstar success coach! She delivers tactical advice from tried and true experience and her technical tips saved me hours of time and effort. Her passion for helping women create a dream life and business shines through every coaching session and she has personally helped me to bust through business blocks and take action steps in the direction of my dreams!"

KRISTIE LAMMI | Success Consultant | Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.

"Working with Camilla was just what I needed! She provides an exceptionally high level of business and mindset coaching. I was impressed with her ability to guide me through marketing strategies as well as her insightful coaching style that left me feeling positive and motivated. Camilla’s professional and personal journey clearly shows that living the life of your dreams is possible. She did it and she can teach you how you can do it too! I highly recommend working with Camilla."

JOANNA ECHOLS | Career and Life Coach | Connecticut, U.S.A.

"Camilla is a great marketer and has a great deal of experience. She’s a big thinker and very passionate about the projects she takes on and with her background she can really help persons at varying levels market their businesses."

SAMANTHA WHITTAKER | Personal Branding and Success Coach for Working Women | Miami, Florida, U.S.A

"Camilla’s gentle guidance and a true gift to inspire have drawn me towards working with her from the first time we spoke. I went from a seemingly silly idea to write a book - something I’ve never even thought I could do before - to a complete plan, from finding a publisher to a book launch, promotion and even getting the infleuncers in my field to endorse it! The clarity I gained from working with Camilla is invaluable.”

MARIA DUVAL | Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist | California, U.S.A

"Camilla's natural style immediately put me at ease during our coaching session. Our interactive dialogue helped me gain clarity for my client message and for my overall business objective. Camilla worked with me to reposition my thoughts, leading me to a very positive affirmation of confidence in one of my business strategies. Not only is Camilla professional, she exudes such a caring disposition which adds exceptional value to her coaching programs."

LISA M. NEWELL | Mindset and Success Coach | Mississippi, U.S.A.


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